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Welcome to the official website of MTMohali! Here you will find information of our ventures/ projects of Real Estate in Mohali and Greater Mohali towns of Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar (S.A.S Nagar) with their latest and up to date news. MT Mohali, with its roots dug deep into the fields of commercial property developing, love for the land of India and specially Punjab, building expertise and technical advantage in the architecture field, works BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE to convert vacant lands into townships/ socities for the betterment of the mainkind. Mona Townships is rising star Builders of the SAS Nagar regime.

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We have technical advantage in not just utilizing the land in the best way, however also use high output and low input tools for less expenditure. Transforming a vacant land into residential or commercial outputs as per the needs of the society considering the maximum and the best possible usage of the ground layout and mixing it up with the technical advantage to offer maximum output, is our art and to derive out less profit and move forward is what our hearts believe in and so does our aesthetics.

Flats in Mohali

Mohali is considered as an expansion of Chandigarh and is a commercial hub lying adjacent to it. It, along with other two cities Chandigarh, Panchkula forms a part of the Tri-city. It connects many small cities of Himachal Pradesh. There is no barrier while entering into Chandigarh as it is just a part of it. It consists of many residential and commercial sectors which made this to be the best in all ways. There are many numbers of projects that offer condominium for its consumers. Many of the projects have residential towers which vary in height from 20 to 30 storeys. At, we specialize in matching you with the best possible projects by using our extensive ideas and thoughts. Property in Mohali

We believe in a higher life of magnificence, glory, class, beauty and glamour. We believe in divine health and an upward progressive life of peace, joy and prosperity. Project after project is the proof for the fast selling properties than its counter parts. Finding your dream home is not so easy but with MT Mohali, it does not have to be a nerve wrecking experience. We at MTM, endeavor to make your dream come true and a hassle free reality.

Ready to move Flats in 2017

Mona Cityhomes

Project Name: Mona Cityhomes
Location: Sector-115 Greater Mohali
Project Type: Residential

  • mona cityhomes property location
  • Mona Cityhomes is the second project from us in this city and bigger in comparison to our previous project here. With relatively quieter ambiance and surrounded by other residential society around, we aim to provide a township in the serenity of true nature. A Gurudwara just next to the society adds to the beauty and aesthetics of the project. The construction is in full scale and the Bookings have started!

  • Commercial Property in Mohali

    Our locational advantage, does not lead us to hike the prices of our apartments to fall heavy on our customers. Availing benefits from our superiority, we pass on the same to our clients. They pay less in comparison to our competitors and we move on. Our most of the ventures are on time ready for the clients to not get stuck with the mortgages and have nothing in hand. At times we take a step further to facilitate the workers on our premises to finish the work on time or before. Most of the banks have given us due approvals for our customer to avail discounted home loans/ mortgages. See the construction status in the Image Gallery.
  • J90- Residential cum Commercial Property in Mohali
    J90- Residential cum Commercial Property in Mohali
  • J90 is one of the most aspired projects of MT Mohali. Read more about the in depth information on the J90 pages on this website. Both 'purchase to stay or work' and "invest' is available and suited great for this project. Recently in Feb 2015, this project was launched with a grand launch. Jade business park is one of the biggest office space for rent in mohali.

Summary Of All Our Projects

mona cityhomes

Mona Cityhomes

95% of BSP including Booking amount (less- Down payment Rebate)

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IT has Jade Arena for Shops, Jade Business Park for business and Jade Residency for Residential purposes.

Complete J90 Project

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jade arena

Jade Arena of J90

For Office and Office with Shops purposes in J90.


jade business park

Jade Business Park of J90

For Office and Office with Shops purposes in J90.

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jade residency

Jade Residency of J90

For Office and Office with Shops purposes in J90.

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mona paradise

Mona Paradise- (SOLD OUT)

Rs.5700000/- Rs.5500000/- Rs.5300000/-Initial Booking along with the application 2,00,000/-

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Mohali is a beautiful city and to say that it is just an extension of the city beautiful called Chandigarh, it will not be wrong. The city is being given the sector names in extension and continuation to the sectors of Chandigarh. moving on the roads you will see a very well planned and designated facilities for the citizens of the area and visitors and guests of the same. Proper allocation to markets, commercial places, residential places and other segments of the civilized world with less chaos and more output for the city. Our ready to move flats and the ones in the pipeline in Mohali are a part of the growing all round improvements of the city and the state Punjab. MT Mohali is a aiming to be an integral part of the society. We not only take care of the area we expertise in but also take active lead and play responsible roles the social activies of the civilization like organizing blood donation camps at PGI, planting lakhs of trees in the city for a cleaner and beautiful ambiance, donations to the needy in times of natural clamities and more.

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Mona Cityhomes

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