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Punjab is one of the most prosperous and industrially advanced states in North India. Over the past decade, several cities in the state have seen unprecedented infrastructure growth and development. The government has retained special focus on urbanizing these cities and enhancing the living standard of the people in general. Mohali is one such city that has progressed at a rapid pace and has today become a favored property hub for countless real estate and developers of national and international repute.  Being well aware of this future scope and demand for high quality homes in the area, has made us choose Mohali as a primary location for developing our world class residential projects.

All Projects information :

Sector 90, Mohali Call For best Price
Project Name Location Status BHK option Price For Booking Project Status
Mona Pradise Mohali Call For best Price 1800 3000 3143 Sold Out
Mona Greens Vip Rd, Zirakpur Going 2/3/4 BHK Call For best Price 1800 3000 3143 90% Done
Mona Greens ii Gazipur Rd, Zirakpur Going 2/3/4 BHK Call For best Price 1800 3000 3143 70% Done
Mona Cityhomes Sector 115, Mohali Going 3 BHK Only Call For best Price 1800 3000 3143 45% Done
Mona Aeroview Bhabat, Swastik Colony Going Call For best Price 1800 3000 3143 80% Done
Jade business Park Sector 90, Mohali Going Office Space Call For best Price 1800 3000 3143 45% Done
Jade Arena Going Shops Call For best Price 1800 3000 3143 55% Done
Jade Residency Sector 90, Mohali Going Residential Call For best Price 1800 3000 3143 60% Done
The Earlwood Mohali Up Comming Commercial 1800 3000 3143 10 % Done

real estate in mohali

Mohali – The Catalyst Responsible For The Boom In Punjab

The most important of these are listed below.

  • Mohali is a well-planned city that offers an international appeal, especially with the sectors named in continuation with the sectors in Chandigarh which makes it just as an extension of the famous ‘City-Beautiful’ itself.
  • The city is a major industrial center and a well-established IT hub and hence offers numerous job and career opportunities, attracting people from diverse regions.
  • The city is home to people from diverse cultures and religions giving it the look and feel of a major metropolis.
  •  The city is strategically located and offers easy connectivity to both state and national highways that makes it easily approachable from not only Delhi but most major cities in Punjab and Haryana.
  • The Punjab government is focusing on infrastructure growth in the city at par with cities like Chandigarh and Delhi to attract further investment and expansion of the city.
  • The city lies just next to the world class city of Chandigarh, which makes it an ideal choice of residence for people working there.
  • Mohali offers affordable housing solutions to people from diverse economic backgrounds, through the various residential projects that are currently under progress in the region.
  • It is also situated quite close to the beautiful hill state of Himachal Pradesh, which offers an easy getaway option for people to feel relaxed and refreshed. 

Types of Projects Developed :

Shopping Malls developed by developer
Malls/ Shopping Complexes
Mega housing projects pic
Mega Housing Properties
Indivisual homes/ bungalows
Indivisual Houses/ Bungalows

In order to cater to the diverse property needs of people who want to settle down in Mohali and the Tri-city, we are developing diverse projects for both residential and commercial use. At MT Mohali, our primary aim is to provide high quality and durable real estate solutions that provide a good value for money to our investors and clients. In keeping with the same, we ensure that the following principles are being strictly adhered to in all our projects.

  • Developing properties in locations that offer easy access to basic living facilities including schools, markets and healthcare.
  • Ensuring easy accessibility through a well developed network of roads and transport facilities.
  • Providing a construction quality that is at par with the best international standards and practices .
  • Offering safe and secure real estate solutions in a calm, comfortable and relaxing environment.
  • Providing state-of-the art lifestyle facilities in accordance as applicable to the type of property being developed.
  • Using the latest construction techniques that are at par with the best international standards and practices.
  • Using high quality construction material that is durable and long lasting to provide the buyers and investors with best returns.
  • Ensuring regular supply of pure drinkable water and constant power backup to cause minimum discomfort to property owners.
MTPL-mohali-projects Mona City Homes Flats

Comparing Of Mohali With Other Nearby Cities

Mohali is often compared to the two major cities that are closest to it, namely Chandigarh and Panchkula. The comparison is not considered fair by many, primarily due to the fact that the development of Mohali was initiated much later than both Chandigarh and Panchkula. However, despite that Mohali fares extremely well in the following ways when compared to two of the most well-established and planned cities in North India.

  • Mohali offers a greater variety and choice of both residential and commercial properties when compared to either Chandigarh or Panchkula. The city offers both high end apartment complexes fitted with all the comforts and luxuries of life for the elite. At the same time there are also several projects to cater to the home needs of lower middle class and people with limited incomes.
  • The city caters to the housing needs of people from diverse economic groups in an affordable manner, which sadly is not the case with the other two cities. While Chandigarh is known to be one of the most expensive cities in North India, Panchkula also does not differ much.
  • Being a major industrial and IT center, the city in itself offers job opportunities for countless people with diverse range of education and training. This is again not applicable to either Chandigarh or Panchkula, where people generally have to depend on various government or administrative jobs or work for small business owners and private firms. 
  • Mohali is a generally peaceful and calm city and has a comparatively lesser crime rate as compared to Chandigarh and Panchkula, which also makes it relatively safer. The fact that many elders choose Mohali to settle down after retirement is the biggest proof of this fact.
  •  Mohali offers all the facilities and amenities that are available in both Chandigarh and Panchkula, which makes it at par with these two famous cities. In fact, in many cases the services offered in Mohali are much better and also quite reasonably priced as compared to the other two cities.

real estate builder projects

Mona Townships, Real Estate Developer Projects

Mohali has all it takes for a city to become a perfect residential and commercial hub, which has made it our preferred choice for developing high end projects to meet the diverse needs of our clients. The perfect combination of an old city feel and modern infrastructure and facilities add to its unique charm.


Mohali Road

If you are seeking any advice or guidance related to any of our projects or related in Mohali, just contact us, and we will get back to you at the earliest!

Upcoming Infrastructure Projects In Mohali

We at MT Mohali were amongst the first few companies to realize the scope and potential of real estate development in this small town. Over the years our predictions proved correct with the result that today Mohali has attained an important place in terms of being a growth simulator in the property sector. In fact, many experts claim that Mohali has done to Punjab what Noida and Gurgaon did to Delhi in terms of real estate development.

Even though this sub-city of Chandigarh is already witnessing a significant boom in the property market, there are some other major infrastructure and development projects planned for the city. It is being speculated that these projects will further enhance the pace of real estate development in the tricity area and especially in Mohali which is fast emerging as a truly world class city. We, at MT Mohali are proud of the fact that our clients and investors can reap the benefits of these projects without having to bear the high costs of investment that will surely follow course. Some of these most prominent projects have been discussed below.


infrastructure development
The road ahead

Chandigarh International Airport in Mohali

This project has been under construction for quite some time and is expected to take the demand for high quality real estate solutions in the area to a new height.  With the international airport supposed to provide direct connectivity to major destinations across the globe, there will obviously be a greater demand for better infrastructure as well as the most elite residential facilities for foreign visitors in the area. The airport is expected to be completed by 2015.

Railway Station at SAS Nagar

Now this is a truly delightful piece of news for people who plan to or have already invested in our projects in Mohali, which are conveniently located in SAS Nagar itself. With the upcoming railway station project connectivity to various parts of the state and the country will be even more hassle free and less time consuming. We firmly believe that this project is going to enhance the scope of property investment and its resale value by a large margin.

Railway station Mohali
On the main platform- Mohali Railway Station in the industrial area.

Proposed Metro Rail Link

The upcoming metro rail project would also be providing easy and affordable connectivity option to the residents in Mohali. This would be especially comforting for property owners in our projects in Mohali, who need commute to Chandigarh everyday for their work. The metro connectivity will not only cut down their travel time but also will help them to carry out the journey is a relaxed and stress free manner.  

Amayra greens just like many other builders in the region
Other Builders in the area - above photo is of Amayra Greens, like one of the many players in the area.

Development Of Knowledge City

Another major project that is in the pipeline is the knowledge city to be developed in Sector 81. It will be a hub of education and training and will feature some of the most reputed educational institutes such as Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), National Institute of Nanotechnology, National Institute of Agri Food Biotecnology, etc. It is also being said that Indian School of Business, a well known management institute, has already reserved a place for its second campus in the Knowledge City of Mohali.

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