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J90 Mohali : Residential Cum Commercial Project

J90The 'J' in the J90 stands for the Jade and '90' is the Sector 90 in Mohali. Jade is a hard stone generally green in color. The word Jade can be inferred from the 60’s which meant, “The stone of the flank” which is believed to cure. Standing true to its origins J90 has yet again embarked on a journey where it believes to cure the misery of the people.

The Big Idea

Agony is a strong term associated with human beings; complaints even if it be slightest form cannot be unnoticed by them. The best part is as the years pass by and we see development in various sectors, every complaints of human beings has been associated with have been addressed and innovators have come up with brilliant solutions. 

The discomfort associated with the Business Men or the Men who’ve taken a job have to face the hassles of travelling more than 20km on an average per day. Addressing the woes of the " Mona Townships Mohali Builder "came up with J90, where residency, offices and Malls were included in one specific area, without the worry to travel long hours just to feel exhausted even before you even begin your work for the day.

The lifestyle of the majority business men, to rise early morning, prepare themselves for work, drive or commute to their work, sweat all day, come back home and get to their beds. The monotony schedule has hit the majority at large so much so that that they don’t have time to spend with their family, friends or even with themselves as a matter of fact, sparing some time with family or friends this is a complaint of the majority, the major reason being, exhausted due to travelling long distances. In any case there is a change in the schedule where you opt a time out with friends and family for a hangout, one needs to take a different route all together which leads to the malls or other places leading to exhaustion even more.

Addressing the needs of the people was one of the major goals and factors that determine a peaceful schedule, Mona Townships came up with the project J90, where offices, business, malls and parks are put up together, to minimize the commuting hour which in turn gave people to spare time to spare with family members and friends. This as a whole eliminates the travel time which eliminates the exhaustion level which in turn can make a huge impact on the lifestyle of the people.

J90 is divided into 3 segments: Jade Business Park, Jade Arena & Jade Residency

Jade Arena Jade Business Park Jade Residency

Jade Arena

Up-coming shops and shops for office in Jade Arena.

Jade Business Park

Jade Business park having 3- Blocks for office Work only in Mohali

Jade Residency

Jade Residency at The back-side of the Jade Business Park for Residency with basement parking area

As seen in the picture above, adjacent to the road, on the bottom left hand side is the entry to the J90. Focusing your eyes towards the left hand side of the picture where you see the two buildings blocks. From those two blocks, the left hand side tower is devoted to Jade Arena indicated as JA and the right hand side tower is devoted to the Jade Business Park referred to as A2.  As seen there is an ample space for parking and one can’t fail to notice the maintenance of the greenery.

On the center of the picture you notice there are two building blocks which again dedicated to the business park, referred to as B1 and B2. The other blocks as seen on the right hand side of the picture, there are eleven blocks which are dedicated to Jade Residency. Amongst these there is a building dedicated to Jade Residency again which is located on the left hand side from the building blocks placed at the center.

As seen in the picture, the amenities of travelling and parking facilities can easily be witnessed.

Jade Business Park

There are three towers dedicated to Jade Business Park, The corporate house has all the amenities and the discipline to keep a business running. The moment you enter the building the entrance door itself is noticeable which has a lavish entrance lounge reception followed by ample space for parking. There are six elevators which includes modern exteriors façade. A 3-tier security is installed in the business area which is rarely heard of. For further precaution there are firefighting systems embedded in this area. The frequent passages like the washrooms and the pantry are wonderfully furnishes with power back up which ensure work-efficiency.

The business center is embellished with conference and seminar rooms, balcony is constituted in all offices. Big-Sized windows are available for the benefits of opening for natural lightings and cross ventilation. For recreation purposes parks and cafeterias are included in the terraces which are consolidated with a dedicated drop off zone at the entrance.

Jade Residency

11 bloacks of Jade Residency at the back
11 Blocks of Jade Residency at the back of whole J90 project
The first tower of Jade Residency in front
The First Tower of Jade Residency out of total 12 of J90 project

The area is surrounded by greenery, ample space for parking; Spacious place for children to play around. Each apartment has a full height window from where the sun rays can be accesses in its entirety. For security purposes there are CCTV’s on each floor with electronic entrance at each door.

Jade Arena

Jade Arena

One of the other towers of J90 project, which has a scope left for further enhancement of the area, one can expect showrooms, offices, hotels or motels to come up. This building or segment is called as the Jade Arena.


Location-position of the J90 Project

Positioned, 6 km from the Punjab Cricket Association of Punjab, with a 12 km drive when there isn’t any traffic, with Fortis Hospital being adjacent to the stadium and Chandigarh group of colleges just 3km ahead. Sector 90 is the central point from the highway link from Sarovar Path which follows itself all the way to Himalaya Marg and then leading to Landra. Gurudwara falling on the opposite side of the road with SBI banking facilities on the main road itself and respite for the pilgrims and devotees to the famous Sant Maharaj Radha Swami which is just 12 minutes away. It was earlier known for Fashion Technology Park and now the area is entirely dedicated to J90. And 12 km away from sector-22 chandigarh  .

Around J90

Industrial Area

New Judicial complex

Chappar Chiri

Suhana Gurudwara

Dussehra ground mohali

Radha Swami Satsang beas

Kharar landran Road


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