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About Jade Business Park

Sector 90, Mohali

Jade Business Park- Sector 90 MohaliThe Universal Life Force
Work is the universal life force that drives every human being on this earth. Work defines us, our personality and the kind of people we will become. They also define what we will give back to the society. To nurture these high-regard aspirations there is a need for a pleasant and a welcoming environment. A habitat that suits the tired souls, an aura that soothes the senses of the exhausted, Territory that strikes a perfect balance between your privacy and working hours, Surroundings that help you nurture your ambitions, encompassment of tranquility amidst the workspace is how we define the upcoming project of Mona Townships Mohali,“The Jade Business Park”.

The J in the logo signifies, “The Jade” while 90 represent the sector 90 in Mohali. A symbol is the evidence of style, it also defines the ethics which a company lives by and it’s an assurance to the buyer that the J90 keeps up with the modern times by only having a glimpse at the logo, the style is clearly defined. They define elegance and grace. J90 project encompasses: Jade Business Park, Jade Arena and Jade Residency in it.

The mark of a leader is when he is able to comprehend his people according to their requirements and present an innovation to them which suits all his needs that there is no motive to complain. It suits the people perfectly that everyone want to get acquainted with it. Gradually it becomes a part of everyone in the world. With the promise of gratification Jade Business Park fulfills all the basic requirements that a person would want from its office or work place. Over the years every complaint has been noted, researched and Jade Business Park have come up with brilliant solution to the woes. That is why the segment that defines growth in a man’s life the business, their work which has been thoroughly re-invented suiting the demand of men in business.

Jade Business Park- Bird View
Jade Business Park- Elevation Image- Bird View

Key Points

Project Name Jade Business Park
Total Area 1.3 million sq.ft. or 14 acres (approx)
Project Area 7 acres
Tower Name A2, B1 and B2
Project Type Commercial Property
Build Up Area 546 Sq. Ft to 4095 Sq. Ft.
Front Look Modern Design
Total Floors 13
Security Modern and Full CCTV surveillance high-tech security
Open Area of Project 70%
Covered area of Project 30%
Fire Prevention Service Yes
Parking Basment area
Visitors Parking Yes
Power Backup Yes
Internet/Wi-Fi Connectivity Yes
Shoping mall Bestech Group Mohali
Medical shop Sukhija Medicos
Public utility areas, wash rooms, pantry areas Yes
Lifts 6 lifts exclusively
AC on Office Yes
Architecture By RSP Architects Pvt Ltd.
Landscaping By International Project Design Management Services (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd
Door Electronic entrance key
Flooring Granite flooring
Nearest Interstate Bus Stop Mohali Bus Stand
Nearest Major Hospital Fortis Hospital
Nearest Stadium Mohali Cricket Stadium, Hockey stadium, Sports Club
Nearest Soprt Club Golf Course
Neartest School Smart Wonder school, Yadavindra Public school
Nearest Airport Chandigarh
Nearest Mall North Country Mall
Corridors Ventilated Corridors Finished
Investment Options Yes
Fun Time Thunder Zone
Restaurants or Dhaba Pop Tates
Worship Place or Mandir Gurudwara Amb Sahib
Nearest Cafe Shop Mairy Cafe

For business men looking to set up their own offices in the city go through many procedures and consider many factors before setting up there offices. Let’s delve deep as to what factors it takes to consider before setting up a place. 

Factors taken into consideration before selecting a place Business men looking out for a place to set up their offices will look into many factors. Putting oneself into the shoes that of an influential business men, let’s delve deep into the area’s and the factors that he will look out in order to hand pick his office.

  1. Price

    The valuation of the space is a crucial factor for any business man. If it comes within the budget that would just be a perfect deal for the person looking to buy the place. Sometimes the buyer can also go way beyond his budget; he takes this decision only when the place meets more than his expectations. See the price table at the bottom of this page.
  2. click to see the location map of jade business park in mohali


    The second most important factor considered for any office is the location. The sub categories that a buyer would consider to define a proper location are:
    • The travel time from home to office – Time is a valuable factor. A business man need to save their time especially which does not involve great time in travelling, to and fro from office. He/she would generally prefer to select an office which is near their homes, unless otherwise there is a demand from the business for a specific location. But with the majority the preference always remains the same.
    • The location of the client – The offices of the clients, or the areas where clients can be found in abundance. It’s again one of the many important factors for without a client business does not have any value.
    • The location of the employers – People looking to work in office is their homes in the vicinity or is it nearby. A sensible decision is always one where an office is located nearby their homes so that not much time is utilized in commuting.
    • The operations – To get the work done in office, there are many aspects that are considered. For an example the location of the bank, the location of the registration offices, the location of the vendors which again is an imperative factor.
  3. Interiors & Exteriors

    First Impression is the last impression a generalized term used by many. An employee willing to make a career in a company would definitely make judgments out of the management of the office. Whether the areas have been managed properly, whether at all it’s a modern structure. Clients want to make deals not with the ruined but with the class. That is one aspect needs to be considered. Otherwise many business deals might go for a toss.  The feel good feeling that oozes out from an office is again one of the many important factors.

    Office Meeting Places at the compound J90
  4. Builders Reputation

    – While making a business deal, it’s imperative that the reputation of the other side is considered. If these factors aren’t considered then they might go for a toss. So a thorough research about the builder is done before coming up with the final deal. As a vice-versa the builder too verifies the background of tenant or the buyer. Verifications are important to avert the cheats that are involved in scrupulous activities.
  5. Options for Loan

    – Sometimes a space is given out either on a monthly rentals basis or the entire space is purchased by the buyer. In the latter case if the buyer is willing to purchase the entire space which will involve a huge down payment at one go. It could be that buyer does not have that kind of money on an instant basis and would like to seek an option for a loan. The convenience of opting for loan whether is it available with the builder, and if yes whether they are providing the loans with the best interest rate. It is easier for the buyer if the builder has bank account as same as his. Even if not, the builder will probably have the lowest interest rate as compared to the others.
  6. Success Rate

    Whether the area of the business sector is a hit among the public, which holds a major question followed by apprehension among the business men. So it’s imperative for them to know and scrutinize the area. If it’s easily accessible to the public, if the public are aware of the area, if they are interested in the area, and what is that thing that attracts the public to this area. The business that one is setting itself, does it meets the basic requirements of the people, is the area easily accessible to the clients place. Most importantly are brand willing to set up their offices, shops or showrooms in this sector. If according to the youth the trending markets, pubs and clubs are available in the areas. Because it has been seen and noticed that it creates a major hangout for the public in large.
  7. Connectivity

    The connectivity from these areas and back to their homes. If it isn’t easily accessible then it can cause major problems with the business men. Business is nothing without its clients.
  8. Projects nearby

    The development of project nearby which affect largely with the audience because they attract curiosity and hence attract the public to the specific area. Greater the spread of projects greater the connect with the audience greater the spread of word and greater the chances of success rate.
  9. Map Verification

    Whether the area is verified by the Government. Many areas have not been legalized by the Government as a result the builders begun their constructions without any legalized documents. Where constructions come at a very cheap rate, as a result of which these building is always at a risk to get demolished. Because if found by the Government sometime later it can be a huge investment risk.
  10. Amenities -Facilities

    Whether the amenities are up to the standards and whether they qualify the latest standards.
    Parking Area- Jade Business Park
    Parking Area

    Court Yard- Jade business park
    Court Yard

    Additional Parking Space infront of the A1 Block
    Additional Parking Space infront of the A1 Block Corporate Office

    Gate 2 alongside B1 and B2 Towers
    Gate 2 alongside B1 and B2 Towers
  11. Hygiene

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness is a common remark. If places are of low maintenance then it can cause a huge impact on the customers. Public at large may not be prone to hygiene but the audiences that visit such places are definitely prone to hygiene.

Once all the factors have been considered and if the many factors suit the requirements of the buyer he will give his confirmation only after the verification is done in due process. Once all the documents have been verified the buyer is ready to set up shop at this place.  

Front view- Jade Business Park- Block B1 and B2
Front view- Jade Business Park- Block B1 and B2

night view of Block B 1  front side
Night View elevation image- Jade Business Park B1 Block

Growth Re-Defined

In light of all the above mentioned considerations Jade Business Park is just the right place to be in. Not only due to the specific building but also the buildings located nearby because J90 is not restricted to the business park but also has a division of three segments and that is Jade Residency and Jade Arena besides the Jade Business Park.

The style of living of the majority men who are into business, their normal schedule are such that it gives vibes that of dedication and these are found in men who are dedicated towards their professions. Waking up early morning followed by the exercise regime then travel to their office’s work all day up to a specific time and come back to their homes by travelling the same path and by the time they are home they are exhausted to even have dinner, they can barely spare time with the family members as a matter of fact they lose out on the family touch and in a split second they are back to their beds. The travel time takes up most of the time where they are supposed to spend time with family, woes of the majority working people and business men. The only time they have with friends and family members are during the weekends. To address these complaints MT Mohali came up with J90 to address all of these concerns.

Jade Residency which is a housing society build in the same area and Jade Arena with expected malls/ hotels to come up. Now that the offices, homes and malls being at near distant this re-defines the growth!

Office space for rent in mohali-Jade business park.

Floor Plans

click to enlarge click to enlarge Click Here
Ground Floor First Floor Floor 2 till 10

Jade Business Park – The Specifics

Initiating new business trends, this consists of 13 stories of signature office suits, to accommodate just all kind of business, to perfectly suit the requirements of the different forms of business. It has a 13 million sq ft of commercial spaces and spread over a vast area of 14 acres of pristine location is sector 90. Price ranges from…

swimming pool- J90
Great Amenities at the J90

Basic Sale Price List 

SR No.  Plane A Down payment Plane Assured retuen Plan @12 per annum
1 Booking amount  25 % of BSP+service tax
2 with in 30 day of application  70 % of BSP +PLC+ Service Tax
3 on start of 11 th roof slab Power backup charge +car parking +service tax
4 on start of internal finishing work  HVAC+EEC+FFC+SERVICE TAX
5 At the time of offer of possession  5 % of BSP +Service tax
Sr No. Additional Charge 
1 Car parking  Rs. 200000 /- +second  car parking 350,000 extra 
2 EEC Rs.100 sq feet 
3 FFC Rs.100 sq feet 
4 Power back up charge  Rs.200 sq feet 
5 IFMS Rs.50 sq feet 
6 PLC if any Facing countryard -5 % of BSP
First floor -Rs 500 sq feet
Second Floor- 250 sq feet
Third floor - 150 sq feet 
Terms And Conditions Apply: These will be given later


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March 2017

Buy 3 BHK Flats at 30 Lacs.

Price List Update

New Price List Updated of Mona Cityhomes, Sector 115, Mohali.

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