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Property Construction/ Building Process Followed at Mona Townships

In the modern times, the concept of collective residential societies and commercial setups is becoming increasingly popular almost everywhere in India. In fact, over the past several years, there has been a major significant decline in the number of people opting for single homes or shops especially in major cities and hubs such as Mohali and Zirakpur. One of the major reasons for the same is definitely the sky rocketing price of real estate, which has made it extremely difficult for individuals to purchase and maintain a property on their own. In addition, the unavailability of ample space in decent localities for construction of a spacious home or office is also making people seek the option of collective residential and commercials societies. Most importantly, people living or collective societies enjoy a multicultural ambience and lifestyles, which adds fun and excitement to their everyday life.

In order to fulfill our commitment of providing high quality real estate options to clients, we at MT Mohali follow the following building process in all our collective residential and commercial projects.

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The Construction/ Building Process

1. Find The Right Space

We initialize our building process with the search for a good space to develop a collective project. Our primary concern during this phase is to find a space that not offers various facilities of everyday living in the vicinity but is also well connected with other parts of the city and state to ensure easy approachability and hassle free access to major business and transportation centers in the area. We also make sure that the land we choose is located in an area that offers great scope for development in the future although currently it might seem a bit way off from the main areas of the city. Our aim providing good value for money invested in our projects by our clients constantly inspires us to choose the best location that suits their needs in every respect.

Locations with great connectivity, increasing value of project

2. Purchase The Land

Once we finalize the space for our project we first make sure that the land is available for sale so that we do not end up landing in an unwanted dispute. Our next step is to begin the process of purchasing the land from its current owners through proper negotiations and at an appropriate price. For small projects we generally purchase the land through our company’s available assets which makes us its sole owner. But for major projects we might also seek bank loans to purchase the property. To ensure that the purchase process is completely authentic and thorough, we hire an advocate to oversee its various aspects. These include, checking the authenticity and validity of documents, ensure clarity of title through proper verification of chain of transfer documents and ensure that the land is free from any dispute or litigation.

The incorporation of proper title deed clearance through hired professional advocates.

3. Design Project Layout Plan

The next phase in the building process involves designing the actual layout of the project. This is done by our team of well qualified and experienced architects who start working on the site plan, and room and apartment layout right after the land is purchased by us. Our architects also design a proper layout for earth quake resistant RCC framework structure and other amenities, which form an integral part of all our projects. Our team of architects is well aware of the government approved Floor Area Ratio (FAR) and hence create their designs in accordance with the same. This means that for a project that has a 60 ft road in front, the FAR is twice the area of the land. Similarly the FAR for projects with 80 ft front road is 2.5 times the land area while for projects with 100 ft front road it is thrice the land area. In addition to the regulations of the government, our architects also take into consideration the local environments and the need to maintain the natural aesthetics of the area while designing the project layout. This enables them to come up with eco-friendly plans which use the available space intelligently to ensure maximum comfort and luxury for our clients.

State of the art layout plans utilizing maximum space with latest technologies we can, through our architects/ experts.

State of the art layout plans utilizing maximum space with latest technologies we can, through our architects/ experts.

4. Submit The Plans For Approval

Once the architects finalize the plan, design, maps and structure design etc., they submit it to the GMADA, which is the regulating authority for real estate development and construction in Punjab, for approval. The GMADA might approve the plans directly or might suggest some minor changes which are made by the architects, who then get the project approved officially. Here it is important to mention that we at Mona Townships do not indulge in any unethical or illegal means to get our project plans approved as using any such measures is strictly against our founding principles. Our team of architects takes every aspect related to safety and practicality of construction into consideration while designing the layout plan for a project to minimize any chances of it getting rejected by the authorities.

Municipal Corporation Building, Mohali, Punjab

Municipal Corporation Building

Forest Complex

Forest Complex, Mohali

After obtaining government approval, the architects put their own stamp of approval on the plan and submit the same to us. However, the process of getting the project approved does not end here after there are three more main authorizations required of prime importance along with other certifications too, before proceeding any further. We submit the project to the below to obtain clearance certificates from them:

  1. Department for Pollution Control
  2. Department of Environment and
  3. The Airport Authority

In addition, we also get the plans for the project approved by other related departments and authorities such as Municipal Corporation and forest department before starting construction on the same.

We are a responsible developers/ Builders in Mohali and hence ensure that every measure is taken to safeguard the ecology and environment of the area where we intend to develop a new project. We conduct a thorough research to make sure that our layout plans are in accordance with the environmental guidelines and regulations of that specific area. We also make sure that our architects design their plans in a manner that enables our clients to enjoy the beauty of nature and feel surrounded by its magic on a daily basis.

5. Start The Actual Construction

Construction Innitialization

Construction Innitialization

After having obtained all the necessary clearances and certificates of approval, we begin the actual construction on the project site under the supervision of a team of well qualified Engineers, architects and other professionals.  These professionals constantly monitor the construction process to not only ensure that the   work proceeds as per the approved designs but also that no compromises are made in the quality and standard of construction.  In addition, we also choose the laborers for working on our project after much scrutiny, to ensure maximum productivity in a quality oriented and efficient manner.

Onsite and off-site laboratory tests of various construction materialsAlthough we procure the various construction materials only from the most quality oriented and reliable providers, we also get these tested for quality and durability at our on site laboratories.  We randomly check samples of for brick, cement and other such construction materials to verify that they are of the highest grade and hence perfect to be used for our projects. In case any substandard materials are found, the entire lot is rejected immediately and returned to the supplier. For more complex and high grade materials like steel, vitrified tiles, and fixtures etc, we use the most renowned material testing labs for checking their quality.  

We use only the latest tools and techniques for construction to ensure the highest level of safety for not only our clients but also the numerous people working on the project. We ensure strict adherence to quality guidelines by undertaking surprise onsite visits, seeking daily reports from our engineers, supervisors and other professionals working on site and performing random quality checks on our own.  We understand that for most people, investment in this field is a life changing decision and we make sure that our properties are developed in a manner that ensures maximum benefit for them in all respects.  

6. Create The Structure

Base Foundation

Base Foundation

We are well aware of the fact that the actual strength and durability of any structure lies in the robustness of its foundation. As such, our onsite engineering team is instructed to strictly adhere to the specifications of laying a strong a foundation that can easily bear the load of a multistory building for a long time. Once the foundation has been laid, we start working on building the pillars and after that we lay the slabs for the different levels, all the while ensuring that the structure is strong enough to bear the load of upper levels.

The bricks are built after the load bearing structure is ready so that there is no brick load bearing structure

We start work on walls only after the entire structure of pillars and slabs has been completed. In this respect we are unlike other builders, who generally build the walls of one level along with its pillars to ensure that the load of the upper levels is shared by both.  As we start building the brick walls around the frame of pillars and slabs, we take care to leave proper space for electrical and plumbing work within the walls. This ensures that when the actual plumbing and electrical work is carried out, the laborers need to undertake a minimum wear and tear of the structure, which in turn speeds up their task enabling them to finish it in time.

7. Work On Interiors

grill fittings and tiles in the balconyOnce the brickwork is finished and the apartments have gained a proper shape, our team starts fitting the frames of the doors and windows in each apartment. At the same time the work of laying wires for electrical fittings as well as the setting up pipes and other plumbing fixtures within the walls is also carried out to ensure that the tasks get completed in time. Once the chokhats have been fitted and the plumbing and electricity wiring have been completed, the task of putting plaster on the interior walls of the structure is initiated. This task is carried out prior to installing the flooring so as to ensure that the same is not spoiled by any cement falling on the floor while the walls are getting plastered.

Once the task of putting cement on the interior walls is completed, the flooring and fixtures inside the bathrooms and the kitchen are put in place. This is followed by the task of fixing railings on the balconies and the staircases within the entire structure. During the final phases of the construction process, the laborers work on setting the flooring made of marble, wood or tiles, depending on the type of the project. The doors and windows are also generally fixed at the same time.

fine POP cornices etc fitted whereever committed

fine POP cornices etc fitted whereever committed

Simultaneously, another team of laborers starts completing the outer plaster work of the entire structure. Once these tasks are completed, the structure gets a nearly finished look. Only the most skilled laborers with extensive experience in their respective fields are chosen for completing all the aforementioned tasks to prevent instances of wrong fixtures, incorrect positioning of switches and points or other such incidents that might lead to loss of time and productivity.

8. Add Finishing Touches

Once all the brick and cement work has been finished, the task of beautifying the structure begins. The most important aspect of this phase is to covering the structure with a coat of distemper or paint as initially planned.  In addition tasks such as putting up the POP work, fixing switches, lamp holders, electricity points, taps, door handles and other such tasks. In addition, any patch ups or minor repair works that might be required are carried out during this phase.

Once all the fixtures are set in place and work on the project is completed in all respects, the final cleaning of the structure is undertaken. This includes removing any paint stains or cement blotches, wiping the floors clean, removing any wrappings that might still be hanging on the various fixtures and other cleaning tasks that might spoil the neat and chick look of the structure.

Panoramio of a furnished sample flat

The building is now ready to receive its new owners and provide them an opportunity for unrestricted growth and progress through efficient use of their imagination and creativity. Whether you choose to invest in our residential or commercial projects, you are sure get the best returns on your through our futuristic construction process that ensures timely completion of projects without comprising on quality.

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