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Establishing a Connect in Mohali

When we say ‘Mohali’, what do we actually mean?


Mohali Punjab

Mohali or Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar is a town located in Punjab, South-Westwards from its capital city, Chandigarh. Enclosed by Panchkula on the East, Zirakpur on the South-East, and Ambala City and Patiala situated further to its South and South-West, Mohali is one of the twenty-two districts in Punjab and is basically positioned in the North-West area of the country.

sas nagar map

Sas Nagar Property

kharar map

Kharar Areas

location plan mona cityhomes

Sector- 115

City Distance Time
Mohali To Kasauli 66 km 1 hr
Mohali To Chandigarh 7 km 16 mint
Mohali To Panchkula 22 km 32 mint
New Delhi 255 km 160 mi
Shimla 120 km 72 min
Manali 320 km 200 min
Dehradun 175 km 110 min
Amritsar 250 km 155 min


Mohali’s link with nearby cities…

nh 1

The NH-1 runs very close to Mohali, north-westwards from Ambala City, and the very famous Kharar Landran Road (which runs south-eastwards through Mohali, connecting Shivalik City, Main bazaar, Golf Course and many other important places of Mohali) meets NH-1 at the Shambhu Barrier, which is approximately 40 kilometres from Mohali City.

forest complex
Forest Complex

Hence it makes Mohali very well connected to the nearby cities of Ambala (approx. 50 km), Ludhiana (93 km), Jalandhar (150 km), Kurukshetra (approx. 100 km), Karnal (130 km), Panipat (170 km) and Delhi (255 km). Also, the NH-21 which joins the Kharar Landran Road much to the north-west, connects Mohali to Chandigarh, Zirakpur and Panchkula districts which are located towards the north and north-east of Mohali. Mohali is also connected well by road to Shimla (120 km), Dehradun (175 km), Manali (320 km) and Amritsar (250 km). The Kharar-Ropad road connects Mohali to Himachal and further north. This makes Mohali a very well connected and easily accessible place.

Transport for the Public-

map airport
Map Airport


Mohali, being very close to Chandigarh, is easily accessible through airways. To reach Mohali, you will have to get down at Chandigarh Airport and then travel to Mohali by road, which won’t really take you long though, so it is not a big deal.

Bus stations-

interstate bus stand mohali

Interstate Bus Stand Mohali
Many travel agencies provide vehicles at an affordable rent which makes it easy to travel to these places. Or if you prefer public transport, there are three bus terminals close to Mohali, one in Mohali Phase 8, and others in Sector 17 and Sector 43, Chandigarh. The ones in Chandigarh are also easily accessible, and public transport vehicles would help you reach there. The bus terminals connect Delhi, Himachal and mostly all areas of Punjab & Haryana to Mohali.

Railway stations-

railway station mohali

Railway Station Mohali
There are two railway stations in Mohali. The first one is the SAS Nagar Railway station, south-east of Mohali, very close to Sector 66. It has only two platforms, as of now. The other one is the Kharar Railway station, located further towards West of Mohali, close to Sector 115. Although there are very few trains that connect Mohali to nearby areas, Jan Shatabdi is a very famous and used one which connects Delhi to Mohali.

Within the city-

Even within the city, Mohali is divided into sectors which are all 800 by 1200 metres in area, very similar to how the sector division of Chandigarh was commenced. There are well constructed roads within the city that run in a regular fashion, which inter-connect all the important areas of Mohali like Golf Course, Industrial area and all the sectors.

city mall
City Mall

Where are Our Projects Located?

The two projects undertaken by Mona Townships Pvt. Ltd are situated very close to the famous Kharar Landran Road. Mona Cityhomes is situated near sector 115 of Mohali, whereas Mona Paradise is in sector 127, Shivalik City, Mohali. Based on either side of the Kharar Landran road, the projects themselves are well connected through well-constructed roads. The roads are wide, well-constructed and mostly 8 lane, or 10 lane. Mona City is well connected to the newly sanctioned state-highway and the Kharad-Ropar Road which connects the same to the NH-21, linking Chandigarh, Zirakpur and Himachal to Mohali. Mona Paradise is also linked to the rest of Mohali well.

auto transporttaion mohali
Auto Transportaion

Transport Facilities around Our Townships-

Both Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise townships are close to the Kharar Landran Road, which is a highway through which many inter-state buses travel. Hence it makes Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise very close to bus stations and easily accessible to inter-state buses. You will find bus stations at walking distance from the townships. Mona Cityhomes as well as Mona Paradise are also very close to the Kharar Railway station, which is very close to the Kharar Landran road too. Also, the Mohali railway station is only 10 kilometres from Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise. The airport might be thought of as a concern by some people, since Mohali itself does not have one. To reach the nearest airport, one will have to go to Chandigarh. But Chandigarh is not very far from the township and the airport is just 10-15 kilometres from both Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise, where an auto driver will take you for about Rs 80 (with bargaining, of course).

railway station mohali

Railway Station Mohali

Connection with Civic Amenities-

Only 5 kilometres from Chandigarh City, Mona Cityhomes and Paradise are both situated very close to all civic amenities. Spanning a circle of about 5-6 kilometres around the townships will give you access to major facilities like schools, malls, hospitals etc. The Oakridge School is just 4 kilometres from the townships whereas the North Country Mall is just % kilometres. The Fortis Hospital is also only 5 kilometres from Mona Cityhomes.

Connection with Educational Institutions-

Mohali also has many colleges located close to Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise. 5 colleges are located near the Kharar Landran Road: Chandigarh College of Education for Women (CCEW), Landran, Chandigarh College of Engineering (CEC), Landran, Chandigarh College of Pharmacy (CCP), Landran, Chandigarh College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (CCHM), Landran, Chandigarh Engineering College (CEC), Landran, which are easily approachable from Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise. Apart from them, there are many colleges and schools that are very close to both the townships. The location is such that you will not have to travel far for any need. Be it shopping malls, educational institutions, hospitals or any such amenities, the residents of Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise won’t have to move far from their home.

educational insititute

Education Institute

The Ongoing Development near Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise

Mohali has been under rigorous development for the past decade, with construction of colleges, malls, schools, roads etc. going on very substantially and at a very fast pace. At many places, one can find an amazing example of construction of 8-10 lane roads within the city itself, which is hard to find even in metropolitan cities nowadays. The location of the townships have been decided in such a manner that the residents get maximum facilities possible at the closest possible distance from their apartment in Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise.

The table below has details about the major centres’ distance from Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise





Oakridge School

4 km

Shopping mall

North Country Mall

5 km


Fortis Hospital

5 km


Max Hospital

4 km


Govt. sr. Sec School

1 km



15 km

Railway Station


10 km

Bus Station

Kharar Landran Highway

0 km

Why do we focus on Connectivity of Our projects?

There arises a question why we are focusing so much on the connectivity in Mohali. Is connectivity that important for any township, or real estate builder? Researching further, we see that a good road/rail network is imperative for any real estate property to flourish. There has been a great appreciation in real estate values whenever a major roadway has been constructed in the vicinity of the property. Better road connectivity ensures and upgrades the general security of the neighbourhood. The residents of a particular colony, township can reach their workplaces, hospitals, schools, or for that matter any centre faster when well-constructed roads are available. Also, services such as fire-brigade, ambulances, police etc. can the area within time. It also saves time and fuel, hence saving money indirectly. Hence establishment of well-constructed roadways is very important, keeping in mind the strength and success of any real estate project.

flates mona paradise

Mona Paradise Project

Why Mona Townships?

Mona Townships Pvt Ltd had all these points in mind while setting up Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise. The two townships, as already stated, are very well linked to the rest of Mohali and Greater Mohali, and nearby areas. Hence one can unquestionably be sure of the efficacy of Mona Cityhomes and Mona Paradise as your residential townships.

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